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 Ice Lantics - Chicago Custom Design

October 31/03
First Dress returned. Additional dresses:  Renee, Adult Medium and Nikki, Adult Small  Change from 16 dresses to 18
1. Longer skirt
2. Slit on left side
3. Opaque nude on front "V" insert
4. Silver beads to be replaced with silver piping only if we find an appropriate piping that drapes and works well
5. Slight sizing increase to accommodate fabric performance
6. Appliques will be attached securely

October 7/03
First dress sent.  UPS Express tracking number M555 555 555 9

Received measurements for additional one, Valerie.

September 8/03
Received measurements for 15

September 2/03
Design Modification: As per conversation with coach on August 27/03

1.  Skirt lengthened

The lace is still in question.  Finding a 4-way stretch lace is the challenge.  The color red with blue tones is preferred by the team over the orange tone in the lace shown.  Kathy also suggested considering other fabrics with some sparkle.  An alternate lace has been found, however it only has a 2-way stretch and therefore can only be used in the skirt.  Another fabric of interest for the bodice matched to the 2-way stretch lace used in the skirt would also make for an interesting look.  We will be looking for fabrics again within the next couple of days.  Lynne Leger has also decided to take a look to see what she can find.  Once we have more fabric samples, we will send them out to you as well as an example of an applique.  This applique may not be one used in the dress, but will be sent to you as a reference.

August 21/03

Size Extra Small Small


Large Extra Large
Child not applicable 0 0 0 2
Adult 1 6 4 3 0

Concept design posted for your review.  Nude sheer insert in front and back.  Glitter fabric, RED-WA19, is placed on the center "V" cut and sequin motifs accent the front, all adding some sparkle.  The motifs will be chosen based on availability from our supplier, but we are aiming for something floral or shapes that will compliment the dress.  The glitter on the fabric and the motifs chosen for sparkle have the advantage of cutting costs as opposed to hand placed individual rhinestones and also have the advantage of eliminating the fear of loosing stones on the ice. The draped piece in the back is also made in the same glitter fabric, RED-WA19 because it has better draping ability than the lace.  The main dress is made in LACE-RED-O24 and is lined with ivory nylon lycra.  Please note that there will be a slight color contrast between the top and the skirt if the ivory lining is used.  A nude lining would minimize this contrast.  Some strands of faceted silver beads are placed on top of a red fringe.  The rhinestone strands in the back should be placed on each girl individually at your home because these will not have stretch ability and will be very fitting sensitive.  Please let me know if you would like to supply your own rhinestone strands or if you would like us to send them to you.  The price quoted is without the rhinestone strands.  Fabric swatches have been sent with UPS Express delivery and you should receive them on August 22/03.

Cost per garment for quantity needed will be posted below.  Please fax measurements as soon as possible at 416-740-9787.  Delivery schedule and terms are per the ordering process detailed below.

d847cr FRONT

d847cr BACK

d847cr FRONT

d847cr BACK

D847CR  Child $xx  Adult $xx (Rhinestone criss-cross strands not included)

 Ordering Process

m_design.gif (23071 bytes)Production of First Garment: Approval of interpretive sketch and payment of one dress plus service method and $150.00 pattern design fee. Fee does not apply for standard catalog items. Delivered cost is per schedule below.
Approval of First Garment: After carefully examining the garment you may elect to make further alterations to the design; however, extensive changes may render the garment a sample only.
Production of Remaining Garments: The balance of the teams requirements will begin after final approval of the design and receipt of payment for balance of order. This payment must cover balance of garments required and service method. Delivered cost is per schedule below.
Service Method: Your choice of regular or express. Express services reflect additional costs associated with priority production and premium delivery services. Meeting a tighter delivery schedule adds cost to the order.
Delivery: This is the promised time in days or weeks from the date of order acceptance by ICEWEAR. Orders are considered accepted and ready for scheduling when all design, measurement, fabric, and color details are confirmed and payment has been received.

Service Method

Delivery Time

First Garment

Balance of Order

Regular 6 weeks $Total $Total
Express 3 weeks $Total $Total
First Garment $Total = $Price + $Service Method + $Design Fee
Balance of Order $Total = ($Price x quantity) + $Service Method

Prices and shipping options of this quote are based on the interpretive sketch posted on this page and the total number of pieces requested. Team terms and conditions apply. All prices in US$.

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1-888-882-7779 (Canada and USA)

416-740-2717 (International)