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United Skates Custom Design (2003) Intermediate Team, CHER, 12 Dresses
October 31/03
First dress returned.  Jennifer wishes to speak about the width of the right strap.
October 28/03
Dress Modifications
1. Left strap same width as right strap
2. Eliminate jagged line of skirt
3. Lengthen back of skirt
Two additional dresses for Erica Estrada and Chelsea Gibson, changing the total number of dresses from 10 to 12.
October 21/03
First dress sent by UPS Express, tracking # M034 134 261 2

October 13/03
Measurements received and sizes assigned.
September 30/03
Payment received for first dress.
September 25/03
1. Left strap moved closer to arm
2. Left nude insert made smaller from the top

Concept design below shown with fabrics #USCHER-10 and #USCHER-13

Concept design below shown with fabrics #USCHER-10 and Plain Pink slinky or velvet

September 15/03
Size Extra Small Small


Large Extra Large
Child not applicable 0 0 0 0
Adult 0 2 2 6 2
Concept design posted for your review.  Variation interpretation of original sketch to accommodate less cost without loss of drama.  Fabric swatches have been sent to help in color and fabric coordination.  If needed, the price of the dress will be adjusted according to final fabric selection.  The illusion of nude in portions shown will be covered in opaque nude nylon lycra that will not allow actual skin to show, therefore undergarments at the bodice or tights that sit on the waist will not be seen.  Black sheer on the nude openings may add a somber and heavy look, so black was incorporated into the main dress instead so that these openings can remain light and "CHER-LIKE".

Cost per garment for quantity needed will be posted below.  Please email or fax measurements as soon as possible. (Fax: 416-740-9787)  Delivery schedule and terms are per the ordering process detailed below.


Child $xx  Adult $xx (using fabrics #USCHER-4, #USCHER-7)

m_design.gif (23071 bytes)Production of First Garment: Approval of interpretive sketch and payment of one dress plus service method and $120.00 pattern design fee. Fee does not apply for standard catalog items. Delivered cost is per schedule below.
Approval of First Garment: After carefully examining the garment you may elect to make further alterations to the design; however, extensive changes may render the garment a sample only.
Production of Remaining Garments: The balance of the teams requirements will begin after final approval of the design and receipt of payment for balance of order. This payment must cover balance of garments required and service method. Delivered cost is per schedule below.
Service Method: Your choice of regular or express. Express services reflect additional costs associated with priority production and premium delivery services. Meeting a tighter delivery schedule adds cost to the order.
Delivery: This is the promised time in days or weeks from the date of order acceptance by ICEWEAR. Orders are considered accepted and ready for scheduling when all design, measurement, fabric, and color details are confirmed and payment has been received.
Service Method Delivery of First Dress First Dress Delivery of Balance Balance of Order
Regular 3 weeks $$$ 4 weeks $$$
Express 1 week $$$ 2 weeks $$$
First Garment = $(Dress Cost + Service Method + 120.00) Credit Card Payment accepted for first dress (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express)
Balance of Order  = $Price x Quantity + Service Method  Based on payment received by International Money Order or Draft.

Prices and shipping options of this quote are based on the interpretive sketch posted on this page and the total number of pieces requested. Team terms and conditions apply. All prices in US$.

First Dress

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1-888-882-7779 (Canada and USA)

416-740-2717 (International)