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United Skates Youth Synchronized Team Custom Design (2002)

Jan. 27/03
Shipped with UPS, Tracking Number: M035 708 796 8

Jan. 13/03
Icewear Order #2053.  Payment received for the complete order as per the Express Service Method.

Jan. 10/03
Received skirt lengths and confirmation of the fabric combination of Nylon Lycra accents and Silver Lame bodice and skirt.  Approval received to process the complete order as per the Express Service Method in the delivery schedule.

Require skirt lengths.

Jan 7/03
Further to your letter of Jan 7, the following design reflects your fabric choices and the reduced costs. To meet your delivery requirement, it will be necessary to opt for the Express Service (two week delivery) leaving no time for a sample garment. Please note that the Express Service begins after order acceptance following payment and size confirmation (see 'delivery' definition). The final extended costs will be reflected in the table when all details are confirmed.  Measurements received to determine sizes.  Require skirt lengths.

D838CK: Child $xx, Adult $xx
no quilt filling


Dec 11/02
Sizes and quantities to be confirmed. Please use our size chart.

Concept design posted on web site for review. Style D838CK shown below made in lame or metallic nylon lycra.  The back view is the same as the front view and has a zippered back.  The collar has a slit opening and is a separate piece that fits over the head.    We do not have monogramming capabilities for the breast insignia.  We do not make head pieces but can supply complimentary scrunchies.  Quilt filling is used on the hem and collar.  The belt is inserted into the dress and does not contain quilt filling.  The plastic needed to hold the skirt out at the hem is being researched and will be confirmed at the sample stage. 

Cost per garment for quantity of eleven is posted below.  Fabrics of lame or metallic nylon lycra will be sourced upon design approval.  Delivery schedule and terms are per the ordering process detailed below.


D838CK: Child $, Adult $

(FYI Alternate fabric choice and construction:
Pricing using plain nylon lycra for the main dress and no quilt filling, Child $, Adult $)

Required Measurement

Ordering Process

m_design.gif (23071 bytes)Production of First Garment: Approval of interpretive sketch and payment of one dress plus service method and $150.00 pattern design fee. Fee does not apply for standard catalog items. Delivered cost is per schedule below.
Approval of First Garment: After carefully examining the garment you may elect to make further alterations to the design; however, extensive changes may render the garment a sample only.
Production of Remaining Garments: The balance of the teams requirements will begin after final approval of the design and receipt of payment for balance of order. This payment must cover balance of garments required and service method. Delivered cost is per schedule below.
Service Method: Your choice of regular or express. Expedited services reflect additional costs associated with priority production and premium delivery services. Meeting a tighter delivery schedule adds cost to the order.
Delivery: This is the promised time in days or weeks from the date of order acceptance by ICEWEAR. Orders are considered accepted and ready for scheduling when all design, measurement, fabric, and color details are confirmed and payment has been received.

Service Method

Delivery Time

First Garment

Balance of Order

Regular 6 weeks $Total $Total
Express 3 weeks $Total $Total
First Garment $Total = $Price + $Service Method + $Design Fee
Balance of Order $Total = ($Price x quantity) + $Service Method

Prices and shipping options of this quote are based on the interpretive sketch posted on this page and the total number of pieces requested. Team terms and conditions apply. All prices in US$.

First Garment


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1-888-882-7779 (Canada and USA)

416-740-2717 (International)