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United Skates Synchronized Team - Custom Daisy Mae Dress Design

daisy_team.jpg (17896 bytes)March 2003
Congratulations on your third place finish!

Thank you for choosing Icewear for your skating apparel needs.  It was a pleasure working with you and we hope that we can serve you again in the future!

Sept 1/02
Concept design posted on web site for review. Our style #D821CI62 shown below has a keyhole  back and zipper combination.  Nickel size red foil polka dot is used for the top and the Navy Velvet 1 for the skirt. The front of the bodice will be lined. Fabric is as per swatches received by customer on August 30/02. Cost per garment for quantity of nineteen is Child $xx and Adult $xx. Delivery schedule and terms are per the ordering process detailed below.

Style: D821CI62

CHILD: $xx
Red on White Polka Dot / Navy Velvet 1

ADULT: $xx

Sept 20/02
Customer reviewed the posted design and authorized the express fabrication of the first two garments.

Sept 27/02
Measurements received for two team members on Sept. 20/02 to be used for fabrication of first two sample garments.  Remaining measurements received on Sept. 27/02. Complete garment order determined to be: 2 Child Xlarge, 1 Adult Xsmall, 1 Adult Small, 4 Adult Medium, 6 Adult Large, 5 Adult Xlarge.

Oct 12/02
Customer authorized regular fabrication of balance of the order. Promised delivery within 4 weeks of receipt of payment.  Prices based on payment by International Money Order payable to Icewear, 62 Stanwood Cres., Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M9M 1Z9.

Oct 25/02
Customer authorized original design without the zipper. The sheer neckline to be opened to the minimal requirement for entry. The front neckline to be higher than the back. Prices adjusted to Adult size $xx, Child size $xx. To avoid express service charges for a potential of two additional dresses, measurements must be received by Oct 28.

Oct 27/02
Received measurements for two additional dresses, 1 Adult Small, 1 Adult Medium.
Modifications to Skirt and Neckline:

  • no underskirt, red points are attached to edge of skirt (no added bulk on waist and hips and points are more uniform and consistent.)

  • red points in non-fraying glitter slinky instead of satin charmeuse (able to make these smaller and more narrow because of the draping and non-fraying quality of the slinky as opposed to satin which is heavier and requires hemming which in turn distorts and does not allow for smaller points)

  • navy skirt has unfinished hem (the subtle distortion that hemming creates is completely avoided by taking advantage of the non-fraying properties of the fabric)

  • no zipper (less costly and cleaner)

  • slit starting close to panty line 

  • skirt shorter by 2'' on left side and 1" on right side

  • lowered left front patch

Nov 4/02
Order shipped:  2 Child Xlarge, 1 Adult Xsmall, 1 Adult Small,  1 Adult Small - Girth, 5 Adult Medium, 6 Adult Large, 5 Adult Xlarge, 42 Scrunchies (narrowed 1/4"). UPS Express: Tracking #W786 910 066 4

Ordering Process

m_design.gif (23071 bytes)Production of First Garment: Approval of interpretive sketch and payment of one dress plus service method and $150.00 pattern design fee. Fee does not apply for standard catalog items. Delivered cost is per schedule below.
Approval of First Garment: After carefully examining the garment you may elect to make further alterations to the design; however, extensive changes may render the garment a sample only.
Production of Remaining Garments: The balance of the teams requirements will begin after final approval of the design and receipt of payment for balance of order. This payment must cover balance of garments required and service method. Delivered cost is per schedule below.
Service Method: Your choice of regular or express. Expedited services reflect additional costs associated with priority production and premium delivery services. Meeting a tighter delivery schedule adds cost to the order.
Delivery: This is the promised time in days or weeks from the date of order acceptance by ICEWEAR. Orders are considered accepted and ready for scheduling when all design, measurement, fabric, and color details are confirmed and payment has been received.

Service Method

Delivery Time

First Garment

Balance of Order

Regular 6 weeks $Total $Total
Express 3 weeks $Total $Total
First Garment $Total = $Price + $Service Method + $Design Fee
Balance of Order $Total = ($Price x quantity) + $Service Method

Prices and shipping options of this quote are based on the interpretive sketch posted on this page and the total number of pieces requested. Team terms and conditions apply. All prices in US$.

First Garment

Front View

Left View

Right View

Back View

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